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Subaru Symmetrical AWD

If you want to be a leader, you need to get in the game early. You don't become a leader by finishing second. And you don't become better by being the same. We have been fine-tuning our symmetrical AWD technology for over 40 years. This wealth of experience has led to a vehicle line up with the widest range of AWD systems offered by any one manufacturer. We take AWD seriously because we know that - if the goal is making cars safer, more capable and more fun-to-drive, in all possible driving conditions, with higher levels of confidence - 4 is better than 2.

2WD vs Part-time AWD vs Full-time AWD:

The battle for traction, control and confidence

Traction dictates how well a vehicle accelerates, how it handles curves and inclines, how quickly it stops and how it performs on uneven or slick surfaces. Capturing the most traction possible is key to optimizing vehicle performance, handling and proactive safety in a variety of conditions. Here are some reasons why 4 is better than 2 in this respect - and why Subaru symmetrical full-time AWD is a better 4.